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Granite State Insurance

Workers Compensation
for your Business

Covering work related injury for your employees and Employers Liability to protect your business.

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New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine Areas

Commercial Fleet / Auto

Commercial Auto and/or Fleet Insurance

Tailored coverage for your commercial auto schedule, individual owner/operator, or large fleet of vehicles.

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Granite State Insurance & Risk Management LLC.

Michael Ware of Granite State Insurance and Risk Management, LLC is a tested and trusted independent insurance agent in Hampstead, New Hampshire. He is known to be committed to creating a meaningful working relationship focused on reducing risk exposures. His primary focus for this service ranges through the New England coastal states Maine, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts. Granite State Insurance and Risk Management, LLC believes in the philosophy of being your trusted partner today and for generations to come.

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Liability & Property

Commercial Property Insurance is an insurance coverage that protects properties a business owns such as building either owned or lease as well as personal assets including equipment, furniture, inventory, and tools. This insurance policy also covers assets such as computers, accounts receivable and income loss during down time due to a covered loss. Depending on the plan arrangement, the business coverage can be tailored to involve additional protection, such as valuable documents and records coverage that covers payment of reproducing vital documents, temporary storage and move records to prevent a loss in the course of business.
On the other hands, Commercial Liability Insurance is an insurance coverage that protects the third party claims to either property owned or leased by others or any bodily injury. This third party liability claims for potential loss is practically unlimited, unlike first-party property losses which have a limit to possible loss by the value of the property. In this commercial liability insurance, the insured is protected from actions that cause damage to another party.

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Business Owner Policy

A business owners’ policy which can also be referred to as BOP can be defined as a commercial insurance policy specially patterned for the purpose of small and medium-sized businesses to offer a reduce premium policy for general liability and property insurance bundling. Many small entrepreneurs purchase a business policy package called business owners’ policy (BOP). Typically, a BOP involves property insurance, liability insurance, business or continuation insurance but it offers a minimized premium and making its coverage more affordable than separately purchased policies and at the same time give the best insurance policy. However, insurance providers offer different coverage to their clients depending on their mode of services, but most of these policies need to meet business eligibility criteria to get approval.

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Auto / Fleet

Fleet vehicles can be described as an actual number of motor vehicles owned or leased by a business or company, government agency, parastatal or organization other than belonging to an individual. Vehicles owned and operated by taxicab companies, public bus companies, car rental companies, public utilities, and government agencies that have more than five cars are typical examples of fleet operators. As a company, having a reason numbers of vehicles in your fleet, commercial auto insurance has become most affordable for a fleet of commercial vehicles to make their everyday business operation a hitch-free than individual vehicle insurance.
Fleet auto insurance varies from standard auto insurance in many ways. The law backing up auto insurance for commercial vehicles varies from that of the conventional vehicle.

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Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation insurance covers a business owner from claims filed by employees who sustain a work-related injury either in the workplace or in the course of business operation outside the premises. If you are a employer of labours, the law requires you take up workers’ compensation insurance to ensure employees who sustain injuries in the course discharging his or her duties receive the insurance benefits as portrayed by law. It is mandated that worker’s compensation insurance be separated from all the other company’s insurance policies. Typically, the worker’s compensation insurance law depends on each state. If a business owner does not have worker’s compensation coverage and it happens that one of his or her employees’ injuries in the course of his or her duties, the business owner may face fines or penalties for noncompliance to the state business laws.

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